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2020-05-19 15:00:00


Heden Ymer-3 FIZ

Learn about our new FIZ system
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Learn about our Ymer-3 FIZ

Hedén Ymer-3
Ymer-3 is shipping now, all pre-orders have been shipped and more units are available.

We are producing more so we will have stock for quick delivery when the industry is starting up again.

Much more information is available HERE
As CineGear Expo, NAB and IBC is cancelled this year we need to find new ways for you to see and try our new products.

Send us an e-mail to sales@heden.se if you want to learn more about any of our products and we can arrange an online demo, more information or arrange a test unit.
New Accessory!
Hinged Rod Mount, makes it easier to mount the motors when it's difficult to slide the mount on the rods, available as an accessory, fits M21VE-L and M26VE

Read more about it HERE.
COVID-19 update

We are all well at Hedén and the office is still open but with limited hours and people.
Orders, serviced items is shipped out almost as usual.

Hedén Group AB is taking precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our staff and our valued customers. We are monitoring the situation and following the guidlines of the Swedish authorities as well as the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Hedén CM55

The Hedén CM55 is a digital version of the legendary horizontal analogue zoom motor M26T.
Hedén CM55 have the same dimensions as the M26T so it will fit all the brackets and mounts available for the M26T motor but it's designed to work with digital control systems such as Preston Digital Microforce, MDR-3 and MDR-4 as well as Hedén Ymer-1 and Ymer-3.

More about it HERE

An updated much faster version of the M26VE is shipping and it works great with both Ymer and Preston systems.
The M26VE-LX is as strong as the M26VE but with higher top speed.

More about it HERE
Initial setup and calibration of Ymer-3 FIZ system with three M26VE-LX motors.
Hedén items now in US stock.

Our USA distributor Bold have Hedén items in stock for quick delivery and domestic shipping to USA resellers.

Contact: Mail
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