Hedén Motor LM40-256 with Quick Mount

Hedén LM40 

  • New superlight powerful vertical motor – 108grams /3.82oz (without bracket and gear)
  • Perfect for gimbals, Steadicams and drones
  • Compatible with Hedén YMER/CARAT, Preston and Freefly MoVi
  • With Quick Mount rod-mount


The Hedén LM40 shares it physical dimensions with the popular LM30 but houses a stronger motor with more torque. LM40 trades a little bit of top speed and weight for more torque and a longer service life. The weight and size make it a perfect choice for use on steadicams, gimbals and drones.

The 7-pin 0B connector reduces weight further and allows smaller and lighter cables. The LM40 Quick Mount features tool-less mounting and the unique interchangeable snap on gears, that can be mounted on either side of the gear housing, adds to the versatility of the Hedén motors. Supplied with a 0.8 gear module and with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 modules available as extras.

LM40 is a perfect choice for light weight operations and as reliable as any Hedén motor


  • Height (body): 36mm/1.4” (Body with gear housing): 55mm/2.16”
  • Width: 21mm/0.83”
  • Length: 103mm/4”
  • Weight (without bracket and gear): 108grams / 3.82oz
  • Weight (with Quick Mount bracket and gear) 132 grams / 4.7 oz
  • Torque: 1 Nm
  • Connector: LEMO 0B 7 pin connector



  • Hedén LM40 
  • 0.8 gear module
  • Superlight tool-less bracket for 15mm rods


Cable options (optional extras):

10014 - Motor Cable Mini 7-pin 0B - 1B
7 pin Std. 1B male Connector to 7 pin mini Std. 0B connector Length 600mm (23.6”)

10015- Motor Cable Hedén mini - Freefly MoVi short
For motors with Hedén mini, 0B 7-pin connectors to Molex Microfit, length 400mm (15.75")

10016 - Motor Cable Hedén mini - Freefly MoVi long
For motors with Hedén mini, 0B 7-pin connectors to Molex Microfit, length 550mm (21.65”)

Article number:LM40-110

Price:2 110USD/Piece

Excluding VAT
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