Hedén VLC-1L kit Sony™ FS5/7 Fujinon™ XK

Hedén VLC-1L VM35 Kit

Zoom-servo for Fujinon™ XK20-120 on Sony™ FS5/FS7/FS7II



  • Easy to move from lens to lens
  • Mounts available for several lenses – first to go: Fujinon™ MK and XK lenses
  • For zoom or focus control
  • Motor override function; servo and manual control can be combined
  • Auto-calibration
  • Low weight


Speed and torque

  • Wide range speed settings: low slowest speed and high top speed
  • Speed control from the handgrip or motor controller
  • Ramping function for smooth movements
  • Adjustable torque on motor controller



  • Very silent at normal speeds


The Versatile Lens Control system for Sony™ FS5/FS7/FS7II

The new Hedén lens control system was developed with the user in mind.
We created a flexible system to meet new demands. You can control zoom, focus or iris with the system. Just mount a new bracket on your next lens, and the motor can easily be moved between the lenses in seconds. No need for tools or disconnecting cables.

The top speed of the motor allows for very quick zoom or focus, but still with very good control. The speed limit is easily adjustable from the hand grip or on the controller in order to do really slow or really quick movements. Still with very good control.

The motor override function let you control the lens by hand in parallel with motor control without loosing calibration.
First camera integration is for Sony™  FS5/FS7/FS7II by LANC protocol.


Hedén VLC-1L kit Sony™ FS5/7 Fujinon™ XK includes:

  • Hedén VM35-256 motor 256-3.3k
  • Hedén VLC-1L Mk1 LANC controller
  • VM35 XK Single Zoom Bracket for Fujinon™ XK 20-120
  • P-tap Power cable
  • Lanc-split cable
  • Dualloc recloseable fastener
  • Quick guide manual


Hedén VM35-256 motor

A brand new digital zoom or focus motor that mounts on the lens. We have made a small, very powerful and fast digital zoom motor where we kept the esthetics and quality of our legendary M26T zoom motor.


  • Diameter: 20mm / 0.79”
  • Length: 78mm / 3.07” (including gear)
  • Weight (including gear and cable): 120g / 4.23oz
  • Integrated cable 48cm / 18.9" with standard 7 pin connector
  • Aluminum with anodized surface treatment


Hedén Brackets

The bracket is designed to be attached to the lens with screws, once attached there is no need for tools to move the motor when switching lenses. We are continuously adding brackets for new lenses. Currently we offer the following brackets:


Hedén VLC-1L Mk1 LANC controller

Connects to Sony™ FS5/FS7/FS7II with LANC and is controlled with the zoom-rocker on the Smart Grip. Ramping function to allow smooth movement. Motor override to allow manual movement of the lens in parallel with motor without losing calibration. Speed control in 99 levels to be able to go from super slow to ultra-fast movements, with all the levels in between. The motor controller positioning is flexible for good weight distribution.

Controller it powered from D-tap, if V-lock batteries is used there is normally D-tap out available.
If you are using the internal battery we can recommend the following batteries:
Swit S-8U63 with D-tap adaptor S-7105


  • LANC in
  • Standard 7 pin motor connection
  • Standard 2 pin power connection
  • Size: 85 x 54 x 26mm / 3.34" x 2.12" x 1.02"
  • Weight 140g / 5oz
  • CE marked and FCC compliant


Article number:VLC-102

Price:2 150USD/Piece

Excluding VAT
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