HEDÉN is offering an insurance, HEDÉN Motor Insurance HMRI, covering a replacement motor and service costs in case of motor failure.

HEDÉN Motor Replace Insurance is currently available for the M26VE, M21VE-L and M26T motors (1).


How it works

  1. Customer signs up for HMRI
  2. In case of motor failure or need for service, the customer makes an insurance notification to HEDÉN and gets a replacement motor (2) after the copayment
  3. The customer sends back the failed motor to HEDÈN (3)


(1) The program is available for motors from 2010 or later. Contact HEDÉN if you have a motor manufactured prior to 2010 for a buy-back offer.

(2) A replacement motor is either a new or refurbished motor of customer’s model. All HEDÉN replaced refurbished motors are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days.

(3) The customer is responsible to send its original motor to HEDÉN. Restoration of any manipulation or adaptation done by the customer will be charged separatly.


Insurance covers

  1. A replacement motor
  2. Shipping costs of replacement and failed motor
  3. Service cost for failed motor


Insurance scheme 2017

At purchase 150 165
First Year 180 200
Second year 200 220
Third year 220 245
Fourth year 240 265
Fifth year 260 285
Sixth year 280 310
Seventh year 300 330


Copayment cheme 2017

One event last 12 months 350 375
Two events last 12 months 450 475
Three events last 12 months 550 575
No copayment if warranty applies    
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