Hedén YMER-3 - VLC3 - CineTape link cable

Link cable to connect the CineTape control to the VLC-3 receiver. With this cable you can integrate the CineTape distance data into the display of the YMER-3 handset. The cable connects the r/s port of the VLC-3 receiver to remote port on the CineTape Measure Control. The cable has pass-through for the r/s function so you can connect both a r/s cable to your camera and the CineTape simultaneously.

The link cable lets you display the distance data on the display, with a mapped lens on the YMER-3 you can program the AUX button on the handset to the focus tracking function using the distance data. The focus tracking function is very direct with a very low delay, it’s possible to filter the focus tracking data to select a smooth or more direct control. 

The link cable is compatible with YMER-3 with the latest firmware. To update your firmware send a request with the serial number of the receiver and handset to techsupport@heden.se. We will send you the latest version, instructions and the software to update the unit. A cable to update the receiver was shipped with your YMER system and the supplied USB key can be used to update the handset. A windows PC will be needed for the update.


Cable specifications:

2-pin 0S half moon male (VLC-3 r/s) to 2-pin 0S female (r/s out)

6-pin 1B male, (Cine Tape 1)

Total length 70cm

Article number:10188


Excluding VAT
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