Hedén YMER-3 - VLC3 - Cine RT link cable

Link cable to connect the Focusbug Cine RT base sensor to the VLC-3 receiver. With this cable you can integrate the Cine RT distance data into the display of the YMER-3 handset. The Cine RT link cable connects the r/s port of the VLC-3 receiver to the serial port of the CineRT base sensor. The cable has pass-through for the r/s function so you can connect both a r/s cable to your camera and the Cine RT simultaneously.

The link cable let's you display the distance data on the display, with a mapped lens on the YMER-3 you can program the AUX button on the handset to the focus tracking function using the distance data. The focus tracking function is very direct with a very low delay, it’s possible to filter the focus tracking data to select a smooth or more direct control. 

The Cine Rt link cable is compatible with YMER-3 with the latest firmware. To update your firmware send a request with the serial number of the receiver and handset to techsupport@heden.se and we will send you the latest version, instructions and the software to update the unit. A cable to update the receiver was shipped with your YMER system and the supplied USB key can be used to update the handset. A windows PC will be needed for the update.


Cable specifications:

2-pin 0S half moon male (VLC-3 r/s) to 2-pin 0S female (r/s out).

6-pin 0B A-key male, 90degree (Cine RT).

Total length 80cm.

Built in electronics for signal level conversion.


Combine the cable with our Cine RT sensor pan bracket and mount and pan the horns with any of our motors.

Article number:10187


Excluding VAT
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