Hedén VLC-1L VM35 Kit

Zoom-servo system for Fujinon™ MK-series lenses
The new Hedén zoom-servo is developed to give superior zoom control through the Smart Grip™ to users of Sony™ FS5 / FS7 / FS7II with all available lenses on the market. The horizontal mounting on the lens also gives a compact packaging combined with upgrade flexibility.

(Specifications are preliminary)


Hedén VM35 horizontal digital lens motor

  • Diameter: 20mm / 0.79”
  • Length: 75mm / 2.95” (including gear)
  • Weight (including gear and cable): 99g / 3.53oz
  • Connector: Standard 7 pin
  • Integrated cable
  • Cable length 50cm / 19”
  • T6 grade alumium with hard anodized surface treatment


Hedén VM35-B1 Bracket
  • Compatible with Fujinon MK 18-55 and MK 55-135
  • T6 grade alumium with hard anodized surface treatment

Hedén VLC-1L Motor Driver

Connects to Sony FS5 / FS7 / FS7II with LANC and is controlled with the
zoom-rocker on the Smart Grip.

  • LANC in and out (pass trough)
  • Standard 7 pin motor connection
  • Standard 2 pin power connection


Preorder Today, delivey estimated to start in November 2017

(We will contact you for for payment and shipping options when we have the unit in stock)

Price (excluding VAT):

2 150 USD

1 995 EUR


Article number:VLC-100


Excluding VAT
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